Is your body like a washing machine?

I’m going to tell you a story, are you sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin.

The other day my 11 year old washing machine finally gave up for good.

Whilst waiting for my new machine to be delivered, I got to thinking (I know, careful!!).

Eleven years ago when I first had my new ‘passed on’ machine, I cared for it lovingly, I put in the right amount of clothes and cleaned and dried it down after every wash.

It took pride of place in my kitchen, but as the years went by, it started to let me down. A few cogs here and there had to be replaced, a rubber seal on the door perished and a few more pipes and bits and pieces deteriorated.

It was by then looking old and scratched and so, was relegated to the garage, out of sight.

Not satisfied with that, I thought, “these duvets could do with a wash”, so with a few huffs, puffs and pushes in they went.

Well, is it any wonder the poor old faithful machine gave up the ghost, but then I got to thinking again (I really must be careful at my age!!)

Does this little story remind you of anything?

We start off as babies with lots of loving care, being fed just the right amount of food and necessary vitamins, through infancy and adolescence stages until we get to the time when we please ourselves what we eat.

It then all starts to go wrong, for some of us anyway. Starting off with a little of the wrong foods and on and on, until one day we take a look in the mirror and the awful truth hits us.

We look dreadful, we don’t want to go out because we haven’t anything that fits, so we just slop around the house in any old thing, avoiding visitors and getting fatter and fatter. ?

Then it dawns on us, if we don’t do something about it our BODIES will react in the same way as my old washing machine, until finally it can take no more.

So surely it makes sense for us to look after our bodies, we owe it a lifetime, so the most we can do is to look after it.

Start by giving it just the right amount of food, balancing it, so it gets the right amounts of nutrient, vitamins and minerals etc.

Keeping it clean, having a good nights sleep and dressing it up nicely. By doing this our bodies will last a lot, lot, longer than my poor old washing machine. ?

I now have my brand new washing machine. I love it, I’m going to make sure that it lasts longer than the old one because I am going to treat it as it should be treated.

At the same time I am going to love my body and look after it and hopefully it will give me a lot more happy, slim and healthy years. ?

N.B. Hopefully this short story will continue to remind our members at home every time they load up their washing machines not to overload their bodies.