Cheating Your Diet?

Answer: Of course you cheat! If you didn’t you wouldn’t need a slimming club. You wouldn’t have a weight problem!
We know that with very few exceptions, our members cheat. Cheating usually begins after a few weeks of dieting, when the will power dissolves just slightly. You should enjoy cheating though, yes you really should! It is totally necessary and you have not failed in your diet if you succumb.

Let us analyse what we mean by cheating:

We do not mean – ‘Oh well, can’t be bothered to diet today, so I’m going to cheat’.

We do not mean – ‘I don’t know how many calories are in that pie, but blow it’!

We do not mean – ‘As I’ve cheated today, I might as well for the rest of the week’.

What we do mean is learning to cheat under control. You have 200 calories a day to cheat with (or 150 on the Fatbuster Diet). If that 200 calories was £20 and you spent more than £20 in a day, you might be able to sort it out short term, but long term, the result would be big money problems. Well, so it is with your 200 calories. If you keep exceeding them every day you will continue with your weight problem. If you have 300 one day, you must cut down to 100 the next to make up for it.

If you were of the opinion that you wanted to lose weight as fast as possible and you did not want to have your 200 calories each day, the most you would lose in a week would be one third of a pound more.

Some of you may think so, in our experience most of you won’t. The worst part though, for those who give up all their favourites, is that it’s difficult to sustain. When these dieters do give in, as they surely do, they eat everything in sight, having resisted for so long! They then, very quickly put lost weight back on.
It is also a fact, that in normal everyday life, high-fat, high-sugar and alcohol beverages form part of routine living. These cannot be obliterated from daily life and you will come into contact with them at some stage, parties etc. If you have no cheats at all, you cannot develop new eating habits to control the consumption of these foods. You have not learnt to have just two biscuits without going on to eat the packet! You cannot have two chocolates without finishing the box! To have one or two drinks of the alcoholic kind during an evening is impossible! So, you need to learn to cheat (you thought you already knew how to do that, didn’t you?), but under control. ??

If you are allowed 200 per day, 1400 per week, that’s all you can have. You must keep a record of all items you consume that comes out of your 200 calories. This is why truth sheets are so important. Don’t guess, if you don’t know how many calories you are having, find out. Get your scales out. That portion of apple pie that you guessed weighed an ounce, could actually be five ounces!

To diet successfully, you must really want to. So give some time and thought to it.

Buy a calorie counting book, buy and use a pair of scales and most important of all, be a member of Super Slim!