Dieting? How Do I Look?

I am going to ask you to use your imagination. I want you to imagine you’re going out to a party. The dress you are going to wear is ironed ready, your hair is done, your make up applied and you’re ready to get dressed. What wonderful things! That’s what you need to imagine putting on now.

Stand feet apart, step into this wonderful garment and pull it up. Easy so far, you’ve reached the knees, which are quickly pulled in by the restricting elastic. Not so easy now. While keeping your balance, twist and pull and bend and twist and a deep breath out! Now it’s getting tougher and you are breaking out into a slight sweat! But it’s up at the front and half way over your stomach but at the back it’s hooked under your backside. So you take a few more deep breaths, wedge the thumbs down where you can get them in, a few more twists and it’s up! A final breath out and look at that firm tight bottom, and your lovely flat stomach.

You don’t seem to notice the large overhang you’ve acquired or the spare tyres at the top of the legs! Slip on that dress, struggle with the zip and you look in the mirror. Suddenly, standing ram rod straight, shoulders back, bust out, a deep breath in, you turn from side to side, yes, you look very good. This is the image you have of yourself for the rest of the evening.

But as soon as you walk away from the mirror you breathe out, shoulders droop, and you’re on your way down stairs to find your husband. So when you find him, it happens again, ram rod position. “How do I look?” “Very nice” is the reply (God help him if he says anything else). Off you go, holding the position a little longer because he’s there. In the car you relax again, with your handbag strategically placed to hide where your pantigirdle starts and finishes. You arrive, assume the ram rod posture, until you reach your seats. Now you can really relax, if you have a table in front of you, no problem. If not the handbag comes back into play .

The night’s well away, drinks are flowing, you’ve had three gin and tonics. Now before you came out you said you would have only the three drinks! Just to relax you and get you in the mood and after that you would go onto low-calorie drinks! Then you’re asked the question, what would you like to drink? There is hesitation, then, I’ll just have one more! So now you’ve had four drinks and you’re really in the swing. No inhibitions, completely relaxed, and you’re enjoying yourself. “Another G & T please” and why not, you don’t go out that often. Even if not often is actually once a week, and that one night can potentially ruin a whole weeks dieting,!

You don’t care, you don’t want to think about that right now. You are on your fifth drink and you’re enjoying yourself and you have that image of how you looked in the mirror before you came out. Now you’ve had five drinks, the sixth is on it’s way and nature calls, you want to go to the loo!

You struggle out of the pantigirdle and relax. Now you go through the routine of getting it up again and isn’t it strange that they never seem to go back in the same position? But it doesn’t matter, you’ve now had five drinks. You open the door and there in front of you is a mirror, it’s all distorted and makes you look all lumps and bumps. Again the image you have of when you left home comes back to you. You look fine.

Now you are sitting drinking your sixth G &T and your husband quite innocently asks you if you should be drinking so much and what about your diet? You feel irritated at this, who does he think he is? It’s okay for him, he doesn’t have to diet, he can eat and drink what he likes. Oh, the self pity. So you smile sweetly and tell him it’s perfectly alright. You’ve saved all your calories up and that you even have enough left for one more. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING!

Does this sound familiar? You will make any excuse to break the diet and you will believe it! But you only fool yourself because when you’re weighed at class and you have stayed the same or more than likely gained, you haven’t fooled anyone. Dieters need all the help we can get. Stand in front of the mirror to get dressed and let that be the mental image you carry around with you and not the finished effect! Super Slim have an excellent range of diets. Most of you will find you are eating more, but you’re eating the correct foods. Nothing is denied you, as long as it is taken in moderation and moderation is the key word here. It’s because we couldn’t eat NAUGHTY foods in moderation that we are having to diet now.

So if you are going out for the evening, try alternating drinks. Slimline first, then Gin and tonic. Visit the ‘Ladies’ regularly, check your appearance. It’s got to be better than the mental picture you have of a nude Michelin man. Most overweight people don’t look in mirrors very often because they don’t like what they see. But most of all, don’t fool yourself, the scales don’t lie. Our dream is to be at target and the wonderful thing is, it is not impossible. Not like the lottery, left to chance. If you stick to the diet you will get to target but how quickly you do it is up to you.