Eating Out

Does NOT mean you must wreck your diet.

Have you ever thought of having a second starter for your main meal? (Discuss this with your class)

Have either a starter OR dessert – don’t just plough your way through because you normally would have done.

Remember that restaurants exist to cater for customers needs, so ASK. If all the items on the menu are fried or covered in sauce – tempting though they may be – request a plain dish.
You don’t have to say that you are dieting, just say that you would prefer a plain meal, minus sauce.

Watch all the extras, salad can be ruined from a dieter’s point of view by the dressing!
Chicken is fine but avoid the stuffing, the sauces and the skin.

Roast beef is o.k. but not the Yorkshire or the roast potatoes.

Turkey is great but not the Cranberry sauce.

Fish is really good but not in breadcrumbs or batter.

Order your fresh fruit salad either plain or with a little ice cream – before you are tempted by seeing the dessert trolley.

Don’t have the cheese and biscuits thinking you are being good – they often amount to more calories than the gateau!

Ask your class to join in with suggestions that they have to help you stick to the diet when eating out.