Evening Eating

One of the most common problems when dieting is evening eating. Very many members can diet perfectly well during the day but when evening comes, look out. If it’s not nailed down or gone mouldy (some chance in a dieter’s house) it stands a chance of being eaten!! It’s completely wrong, we know that, you know that, BUT what to do about it??

Try to adopt more sensible eating habits, it’s all very well starving during the day but chances are if you do, you’ll feel desperately hungry during the evening. Dieting will be easier if you eat small, but regular meals throughout the day. Start with BREAKFAST, a light one if you like but have SOMETHING – preferably protein based, of course.
Also have a light lunch. That way, your stomach won’t think your throat has been cut by the evening. By spreading your food intake over the day your body will burn up the calories more efficiently, because each time you eat your body’s metabolic rate increases.

Try to keep yourself busy in the evenings, one reason why you find it relatively easy to avoid food during the day is that you are busy and don’t think about food too much. Try to get out of the house more in the evenings, enrol in a night school course perhaps. Take up a sport, or some new hobby.
I know it’s easy to say but you really would feel the benefit and find evening dieting a little easier.

You can only cheat IF you have the cheats there to eat!! So stop buying high calorie fattening nibbles. Yes, we know you have to for the family – what’s that you say – FOR THE FAMILY, NOT YOU!! Stock your kitchen with low-calorie relatively non-fattening foods. If you feel peckish half way through the evening, satisfy your hunger with something that will fill you up and give you something to nibble without piling on the pounds and without grabbing your taste buds so violently that you can’t stop nibbling. Stock up with low-calorie drinks, small apples, raw carrots and crisp breads. If you are going to have your daily cheat in the evening make up your mind in advance what you are going to have and STICK TO IT!! Buy things that are portion controlled, for example if you buy a bar of chocolate it takes real will-power just to break off the two squares you are going to allow yourself. Buy small size items like two finger kit-kats etc. Remembering though if you buy in packets of six or fun-size bags, you then have to find the will-power not to have another and another….. You could always do what one successful member did and that was to get her husband to hide her treats until late into the evening!!

Evening eating is nearly always EXTRA to meals not instead of meals, so it really does need controlling if you are going to solve your weight problem.