You Are Looking At 1000 Calories!

Dont eat much ?

Cant think why you put on weight?

Perhaps you dont swallow such a lot in terms of quantity. But, it isnt necessarily the amount of food you can eat that counts.

Its the number of calories surplus to requirements that those  doesnt matter just this once  snacks and indulgences can add …

Our shock horror survey shows you just how easy it really is to eat a 1000 calories ( or more ) without being greedy without even noticing the damage they can be doing to your diet and your figure.

Maybe you wouldnt eat a Danish pastry and a scone and cream in the same sitting – Or would you??

Theres something about teatime on a dark winters afternoon that sends calorie-counting sky high.

Come to think of it – does it have to be a dark winters afternoon?

Beware!! It only takes one Danish pastry to account for around 500 calories and one little scone with clotted cream (only just over an ounce )with jam to account for the other 500 calories!! ?
What about the tempting and easy late night supper – great for the snack but horrendous for the diet! Tempting time-savers though they are, a pork pie with a sausage roll are both so high in fat and calories they could cost you 1000 calories.

If you are one of those people who cant understand why they have a weight problem and we hear it so often  I cant understand it, I dont even like sweets or chocolate  just think about this one.

An extra slice of toast here and there, complete with butter can do you more harm than you might think. If you use about ¾ oz butter or margarine on each (not difficult when hot toast simply seems to lap it up! It only takes four such slices to set you back over 1000 calories!!

If you do like a slice of toast way you might even have some left on the knife at the other end of the toast!!

Ploughmans Lunch – were sorry to say that this great lunchtime standby is always costly in calories – its inevitable with cheese (which alone is 128 calories. Per oz) and butter (another 210 calories. Per oz)

So even if you get only the small portion – controlled amounts that very cost-conscious pubs provide, you wont end up eating much less than 1000 calories.

When  a generous hand wields the cheese-knife, you could easily be given (and eat) a lot more of both butter and cheese, playing nearer 1,500 calories for this simple but diet – disaster lunchtime snack.

A home-made mince pie with its rich pastry case costs 250 calories. Multiply this by four (not difficult, especially if youre the cook) and those relatively few tasty mouthfuls have added up to a horrendous 1000 calorie plus.

Even bought mince pies cost an average 200 calories each!! But, in fact, there isnt any little fruit-filled pie that can be recommended as a  it doesnt matter  snack. Enjoy one by all means, but never forget to count it into your days dieting allowance.

It isnt just cream that makes nice cakes so very naughty ( but nice ). The combination of fat and sugar makes nearly all cakes much naughtier than they look, and some, are positively wicked.

The Battenbergs  innocent  sponge centre coated with marzipan comes in such a neat cut-and-come again size – ( especially if you are on your own ) the cake will cost OVER 1000 calories

The dreaded fish and chips is very costly but if you are a dieter who just might get tempted to indulge, go for cod or haddock rather than plaice, their chunky shape and smaller size offer less surface for fat – loaded batter, so cost around 320 calories less than the average portion of fish shop plaice (650 calories). However, a lot of fat is involved in the frying, so fish-and-chips come fat too high ever to be eaten as an EXTRA snack meal. Even a portion of chips can cost from 300 to 580 calories.

You dont get much for your 1000 calories worth of more-ish peanuts. Its easy enough help yourself to this amount in a few handfuls while youre standing near the party bowl.

ALL nuts are super-high in calories, even buying them in small packs wont help your figure. A tiny 25g bag of cashews costs 145 calories, while the popular 50g mini-pack of peanuts costs 285 calories. ?

Even without fancy fillings, in its simplest plain or milk form, chocolate is a high-calorie danger to a diet. You dont get much for 1000 calories (2 100g bars) but the real danger is how smoothly – almost unnoticeably – it can slip down. As many a slimmer knows to her sorrow, you can get through one bar between the supermarket check-out and your front doorstep, and the other bar long before bedtime!!!

Digestive biscuits can be the most insidious disguise that 1000 calories ever came in. They sound so good for you and look so innocent, that a couple here and there dont seem to count for much. But it takes only twelve and a half of these tempters to add up to s days dieting allowance. Some other semi-sweet biscuits arent as calorie-loaded, but should still be treated with great caution.

Beware of the delights of Pick n Mix. Its difficult not to double the number you first thought of when your filling up your bag – and well-nigh impossible not to eat the whole lot odd moments in the day just because the sweets are there. So – beware – mindless toffee-eating- you only get 25 for 1000 calories.?

Most of us drink more liquid calories during the day than we probably imagine. Look how easy it is to account for 1000 calories in convivial cans of Cola, good for you fruit juices, and silver top milky drinks. All you need to do is drink half a pineapple juice at breakfast, a can of Cola and a 8.82fl.oz carton of ready to drink ribena at break times, a thick burger-bar milkshake at lunchtime and a milky, sugary hot chocolate at bedtime. Always stick to low calorie drinks and only skimmed milk.?

So think before you eat (or drink) something tempting next time about all the hard work you are putting into your new slim figure and ask if those few moments of snacking are really worth it – really!!!?