Looking for Dieting Excuses

So, you DIDN’T lose any weight this week?

Lets have a look at some facts and fictions:

Your bones – If you are looking at an extra stone or more than your friend that is the same height because of your ‘large’ bone structure you’re kidding yourself. A few lbs perhaps but no more!

Fat runs in your family? Well, so do bad eating habits. If you have glandular problems that haven’t taken to the doctor, or get fat eating 500 calories a day, you are a medical curiosity – but more likely just eating too much.

Diets that work for other people don’t work for you? Are you sure? When the diet said fish for dinner – did you have it fried in batter. Your friend that lost the stone in a month had it steamed with herbs and lemon juice.

Were you bought up not to waste food, and feel you must clear your plate because of the starving millions?

Well, they won’t be getting your left-overs you know. Have you ever considered that you are serving yourself too much?
It was the Birthday/wedding/party I went to at the weekend! Was it? On it’s own? You were really, really good the rest of the time? Well, first of all you should have had melon as a starter NOT cream soup and fresh fruit salad NOT the gateau!!

If you did that chips on the main meal would not have totally wrecked the day! BUT, if you had stuck to the diet religiously for the rest of the week, unless you were on your last few lbs, not to have had a weight loss would have been most unlikely!

Do you weigh heavier at night? Lots of people do, it’s quite common to put a couple of lbs on during the day – mainly in fluids. It’s then lost overnight. That’s why it is important to weigh at the same time each week.

Have you ever heard anyone say that they are happy the way they are? Tell them if God had meant us to have spare tyres, he’d have given us wheels!?!

Is your problem time mid evening? Do you feel like nibbling? Well. DON’T! Go upstairs, strip off to your bra and pants standing in front of a full length mirror, and do a couple of twirls!

That should convince you not to give in!!!

Consider this: There are no excuses ! If you have dieted correctly.