Stress And Your Diet

Do you fall out with your husband or children or your mother or the neighbours and find you turn to food???

Are you too busy to go out and have a breath of fresh air, or take a little time just for yourself???

Then you are probably suffering from stress?

First find out what makes you stressful.  You may say that you are not in a state of stress, but sometimes things can trigger you off and you can go on a binge without realising why.  Guilty feelings may make you feel stressful.   It might just be some little thing that sets you off.  If you know about it you are more likely to come to terms with it and not binge.

  1. Give yourself time.  ? Make sure you find some time of your own every day.   Spend it doing something you enjoy, not a chore.
    Ten minutes in the garden, a bubble bath, reading the paper without someone wanting you to do something, reading a book, always something that pleases YOU.
  2. Talk about your worries.  Tell people who care for you how you feel.  Swallowed emotion often leads to swallowed calories.
  3. Inspect your slimming programme.  Look out for ways you may be building up unnecessary stress.  Ease up a little.  Be sure to include a space in your daily diet for a little of your favourite foods.
    When going on a diet, don’t think you can never have some of the foods you really love.  That’s what the 200 calorie cheat allowance is for, if you use it wisely you can still have a little treat each day and you don’t think you are going without everything.
  4. Become more organised.  If you are in a muddle and it worries you – you are adding to the stresses of life.
    List all the things to be done in order of priority then work through the important ones first.
    Let the others look after themselves.
  5. Try to be realistic – ask yourself how much effect you have on what others say and do.
    The realistic answer is likely to be that probably you can’t change them at all.  So don’t expect them to change.
    Concentrate on looking after YOU.
  6. Use your creativity.  Remember using the hands does quieten the mind.
  7. Learn to let anger out.  When you are angry, sitting and seething doesn’t help.
    Don’t let rage and resentment carry you into the kitchen for a comforting blow-out, on the “See if I care” principle.
    Get rid of that accumulated stress by putting it into something physical – like vacuuming the carpet, taking the dog for a run, polishing the furniture, whacking pillows hard with the nearest weapon (rolling pin, cricket bat or golf club!!!)
    Fast furious action relieves furious feelings as nothing else can.  When the storm of activity has subsided you’ll feel better, more clear headed and calmly able to cope and not having the guilt of having had a binge.
  8. Try not to be a Bottler.  Bottled emotions often are the ones to explode.
    Often in the wrong place, at the wrong time and to the wrong person, then this upset often leads to more stress.
    So aim to prevent a build up of bottled emotions by being clear in your own mind exactly what it is about the behaviour of others that makes you angry or resentful.
    Write it down if necessary.  Then choose a quiet time to discuss it with the person concerned.
    Limit the statement of wants and feelings to a specific complaint don’t be tempted to wander into “And another thing”……..
  9. Look after your health.  Make a point of getting enough rest, relaxation and exercise.
    The greater your sense of physical well-being, the easier is is to cope with the problems that life brings.
  10. If you try and follow the above, you should feel less stressful and  much more relaxed in the future!!
Therefore, much more able to diet!?