Truth Sheets

Being the super successful dieters that we are, at some time or other we must have filled in a truth sheet because they are the best possible control of actual eating habits. Sometimes we are even known to have had them returned fully completed!! Usually these are done by our best dieters’ who lose the most weight or when in the early stages of dieting!

Truth sheets fall into three categories:
The ones that are returned, with accurate intake recorded exactly (the rarest of them all)
The ones who admit to substantial cheating AND still expect to lose weight simply because they have been truthful!!
The ones that disappear completely (these are the most common of all) they probably have last weeks shopping list on the back! (which would make very interesting reading)!!

It’s not a bit of good simply writing, ‘cereal, salad and dinner’ and expecting us to know exactly what you’ve had to eat, on most there are no weights of foods that it is necessary to weigh or specific details of meals. For example we read through one, who started the day with egg on toast, great, except that it turned out to be scrambled egg made the traditional way in the saucepan with butter and milk piled on two rounds of buttered toast complete with sauce! It was O.K. though because the bread had been thin sliced!

Here are some examples of other meals exactly as they are written on the truth sheets!!

Salad, wonderful for dieting. When asked, it also included salad cream and bread and butter,

Meat and Veg. When asked about this one she’d had gravy made with the meat fat, roast potatoes and tinned vegetables. “Well, it was Sunday” we were informed! This member was on the protein diet and had already had bread for her breakfast.

Two biscuits, not just once but every evening for her treats. We can hear you saying, ‘It’s allowed!’ They turned out to be Penguins and there were other treats as well!

Cheese on toast. When asked the member admitted she hadn’t weighed her cheese but said it wasn’t much (we all know about guessing!!) When she was asked if she added any sauce she replied “No just Branston, love”!!

Sandwiches. How many? What sort? Buttered? We don’t know – she didn’t say!

So you could be having twice as many calories as you are allowed for ‘cheats’ or even are admitting to. We think the technical term is lying by omission!!
We know that some members who have dieted for a while reach a plateau and sometimes need to be a little stricter to get their metabolism started again BUT even in these circumstances some ‘old’ dieters may just have become complacent and need to fill in an honest truth sheet for a couple of weeks, complete with weights where necessary and exact details of actual food intake!!

Perhaps next time you are asked to complete a truth sheet and you groan, yes, we can hear you now!
It’s not because you haven’t the time or, we quote “they don’t work for me”, you might consider the benefit and advantage of completing one, because we know that you are really very honest people that just become a little embarrassed admitting where you have gone wrong and you know that at the end of the day, there’s only one person you are fooling!!