A Well Balanced Diet

We are always being told that to lose weight successfully we need to ‘go on a Well Balanced Diet’. O.K. so we know what the word ‘cheat’ means but do we know what ‘balanced’ means.

Well, it is a very important word. It can mean the difference between success and failure on your diet.

An unbalanced diet can mean excessive strictness, no treats and all low calorie food. A balanced diet means you can include a little of what you fancy – under control – and as long as you ‘balance’ this with low calorie healthy food in your diet, you will succeed.

Try also to ‘balance’ out your treats. Never refuse food you want, unless you have already used your daily allowance, but have small amounts, so you are also balancing out calories in your treats. We know of one successful member, who has a pudding with her family, but always waits until they’re half way through theirs before starting hers, that way she feels she’s had exactly the same amount as the rest of the family!!!
Even finishing last!!!

Also if you do include a little fat in your diet – balance it out by eating more fibre (or roughage) because fibre helps food travel through the body. The good news is fibre is not considered a fattening food because the majority of it is not absorbed into the body.

So, the object of the exercise is to ‘balance’ and just like any other balancing act, if you overbalance you’ll fall!You need to learn
Balancing out your food
Balancing out your treats
Balancing out your weeks
Balancing exercise against dieting.

Your week can actually be ‘balanced’ out. Perhaps you are a member who enjoys a certain night or weekend out. So you need to balance your days in the week out to compensate. On days when you find being strict easier you can do so, in that way it will balance out when you eat or drink a little more on your evenings or weekends out.

So, success is just around the corner if you balance out your diet with your lifestyle and enjoy both.