Super Diet

With restrictions on bread, pasta & rice you can eat poultry, fish and meat freely.

Potatoes are not fattening it’s what you do to them in the preparation process that makes them so.

with no fat on this diet we feel potatoes can also be eaten freely. this diet along with all the Super Slim eating plans are nutritionally balanced making sure that you eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily that everyone needs for their health.

Not only do we give you a list of foods that you can make your daily menus from but you can have your daily treats as well. what ever is your dieting downfall we encourage you to include in your healthy eating plan. if you are told you can’t eat something when you are trying to lose weight you just want it all the more.

To get the diet in full sign up here for our online slimming. get your own personal consultant that will be there to guide you through the high’s and lows of your campaign to get slim and healthy.