Slimming Recipes

The recipes you will find on this site have all come from our Slimming Clubs.

All the recipes will tell you how many calories are in them. How to make them and how many people they save.

Obviously they are ALL healthy recipes, as would would expect when originating from slimming clubs! So rest assured that all the ingredients you find will be good for you and help you on your journey to slimming success.

Split into several sections you show be able to find the recipe you want easily. However if you are looking for that special slimming recipe please use the search facility at the top right of the menu bar.

If you like the look of our recipes but would like some more… Visit our online slimming… We have over 30 years of collecting slimming recipes and you will get an eBook containing 100’s of these recipes when you join our online slimming club.